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Calamp Device LED Indicators

Device LED Indicators CalAmp LMU-2600 | CalAmp LMU-3000 | CalAmp LMU-4200 | CalAmp TTU-2820 CalAmp LMU-2600 The LMU-2600™ has two (2) status LEDs. If the device is working properly, both LEDs should be solid. The LEDs use the following blink patterns to indicate service: LED Type Behavior Normal? Status     Network Flashing Yes Device […]
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How to install GPS tracker to a vehicle – wiring diagram

These are instructions on how to install a GPS tracker to a vehicle using the CalAmp Harness. There are three wires to make the harness work are the Red (Constant Power Source), White (Ignition Source), Black (Ground). Below are the connections diagram for the multiple type of harness. Securely attach the wiring harness to the […]