Access to your fleet now… Intuitive dashboard displays and maps, accessible from any device and with real-time fleet information. A simple and powerful tool to view real-time activity and current status of all your vehicles, workers and mobile equipment. Identify important trends by team, department or across entire fleets. Easily review company progress towards achieving and maintaining goals and budgets with up-to-the-minute GPS fleet analytics.


Detailed Visibility. – WBC Fleet GPS telematics software helps you respond to cut emergency response times, access relevant data instantly, and observe fleet movement smoothly on any map. Conveniently interface to navigate timelines, change playback speed to effectively monitor your fleet.


Visualize the driver experience. – WBC Fleet GPS tracking solutions updates on demand – providing the best real-time information available. WBC Fleet telematics users can receive live alerts for safety or maintenance events, aggressive driving, excessive idle time, deviating from a set route. Telematics on-the-go puts you in the driver’s seat.


Eliminate high-cost driving habits. – Telematics = savings, where 30% of fuel costs and 80% of accidents are driving habit related. Cut dispatch times by 40% using GPS positioning of fleet assets. WBC Fleet telematic reports help your team easily identify costly habits associated with idle time, vehicle speed, aggressive driving (driver scoring), route deviations, fuel card misuse, engine diagnostics and more – providing a first-year Return-On-Investment.


Around-the-clock GPS fleet telematics puts you in a position to effectively detect and manage driving behaviors, as well as unauthorized use or deviations from standard company procedures. Monitor high-value assets and take swift action to recover stolen assets or manage the unauthorized use of vehicles. Driver ID technology helps your team account for company assets and identify locations of your teams while in the field. Fleet telematics = savings!